Board Game- Dino Go

R 265.00
by Toi

Kids' promoted abilities
1. observation: the players have to observe carefully to play the game
2. logicality: the players have to play the chess after calculation.
3. patience: the game will teach the kids to stay positive while they are in trouble, and to solve the problems patiently.
4. concentration: the players will need to deal a lot of math, and learn while playing the game

Game 1: run away from the T-rex!

  • The T-rex is coming! he raised his knife and fork, ready to grab the slowest little dinosaur and eat it!!
  • The four small dinosaur are so scared, they need to jump on driftwood and speed across the river to a boat on the other side, so that they can get away from the dinosaur! the river is also full of danger! you have to watch out for the alligators and move fast!

Game 2:  Run away from the volcano!

  • it's too dangerous! The volcano is about to erupt! the four little dinosaurs have to run quickly round the stone steps to the island! did you notice? there seem to be symbols of numbers on the steps! you need to follow the clues!

Number of players: 2-4
Game duration: 15-30 minutes
Age group: 4+