Curvy Large Wooden Balance/ Rocker Board

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A balance board, a step, a seat, a swing, a bridge, a race track, a cave and any other wild and wonderful structure imaginable.

Children are born with an innate desire to create and explore. They are intrigued by all the possibilities they can discover while incorporating it into their play time.

This board is a redesign of a traditional Waldorf balance board. This can be used in a Montessori/ Waldorf setting and help develop motor skills and balance. These boards encourage indoor movement and play, stimulate imaginations, develop strength and can be used to work specific muscle groups and improve balance.

This rocker boards are suitable for all ages and they will provide different play opportunities as children grow. A young child can crawl around the board or gently rock back and forth on it, while older children can incorporate it into their imaginative play and also use it to develop their gross motor skills.

Sustainably harvested FSC certified European beech wood is used to manufacture the balance boards. They are finished with water-based translucent lacquer and are chemical-free. The felt layer is made from natural wool and water-based paints.

These balance boards are tested to take weight up to 200kg.

When stationary, the sides of the board sit approximately 19cm off the ground.

Please note that adult supervision is required when playing with these boards. Children should be taught to never hold the edges and be aware of fingers and toes being caught under the board. Provide at least 2 metres of clear space around the board when it is being used that is free from any other children or objects. The rocker board should only be used on a flat, level surface. Barefoot or non-slip shoes should prevent slipping when using the board. Indoor/ outdoor friendly.

  • Can also be enjoyed for yoga, fitness, fun or relaxing by adults and kids
  • Natural child friendly materials
  • Dimensions:  102 x 33 x 1.6 cm,  Height of an arch: 19 cm
  • Use Weight: Up to 200 kgs 

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