Dancer Mobile (8 to 13 weeks)

R 120.00

It's a beautiful flowy mobile meant to look like people dancing in the wind.

The Dancers mobile is undoubtedly one of the most attractive one of all. From the outside, you only see your baby staring intently at four shiny dancer figures. As your baby’s eyes follow the motion. Vision is improving, muscles are strengthening, concentration is building. 

  • It develops their eyesight with age-appropriate stimulus
  • It strengthens the muscles in the eyes, neck, arms and even core muscles
  • Binocularity – the two eyes working together
  • Depth perception – being able to see the object that are hanging in different heights
  • Dynamic visual tracking – being able to follow a moving object
  • Encourages switching their gaze between objects
  • Allows the percieving the details of objects while in motion
  • Your baby learns that even though many variations change such as lighting, distance and the angles, the shape, the colour and the size all stay the same
  • By offering images that babies find extremely attractive, it encourages focus and concentration, starting the foundation for their cognitive development