Munari Mobile (3 to 6 weeks)

R 155.00

The Munari is a black and white mobile made from 2 dimensional geometrical shapes.  All the shapes and dowels are balanced off of a transparent ball which reflects the light. This mobile moves very slowly in the environment (just by natural air flow) which allows the baby to observe it with great concentrated energy. 

The newborn is unable to see colour so the Munari is black and white in order to give the child the greatest contrast in shades.  Also, as the newborn visually studies his or her environment, he or she picks up that objects are made from linear and curvilinear figures so the Munari offers these geometric shapes to the child.

  • It develops their eyesight with just the right stimulus
  • It not only strengthens the muscles in the eyes, but also in the neck, arms and even core muscles
  • Binocularity – the two eyes working together
  • Dynamic visual tracking – being able to follow a moving object
  • By offering images that babies find extremely attractive, it encourages focus and concentration, starting the foundation for their cognitive development
  • With its geometrical shapes and the precise Mathematical relationship between the elements provide your baby with the first STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) experience