My First Board Game Board Games

R 600.00
by Toi
  •  It cultivates toddler's creativity, logical thinking, habits via our interesting plan "How to Raise Piglets Scientifically".
  • Three simple and classic themes: "I'm Hungry", "I Want To Sleep", "Kiss Me".
  •  Use the game box and accessories to set up the piglet, throw the flannel dice, and then draw the card according to the theme and color, and complete the action according to the card prompt.
  •  Our box contains a big dice, food puzzles, a bib, a pig, a bear, a toothbrush, a plate, a spoon, some indicative cards, instructions etc.
  •  With the board game, happiness and fun will occur between kids and parents. If any problems, please contact us for your solution.

Age: 1.5- 3 years