My First Book

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“Quiet book” … “soft book” … “busy book” … “cloth book” …
This style of book has many names, but the central message is the same.

My First Book is a series of fabric “pages” containing quiet activities to entertain your child in their first stages of development.

My First Book is designed with the 1.5-6 years old child in mind. The book focuses on teaching your child practical life skills that they will carry with them into adulthood, such as shape and number matching and sorting, imaginative play and how to dress themselves (how to use zippers, ties, buttons, tying shoelaces and so on).

My First Book is tailored to accommodate your child’s development as they grow. Your child’s interests will change over time. My First Book provides varied activities specifically developed so that there are plenty of activities and lessons to keep your child learning and occupied.

My First Book is filled with friendly, easy to understand and fun tools that allows your child to explore, learn and apply abstract concepts at the completion of each lesson. Each of the lessons tasks are carefully designed so that they can be repeated to keep pace with your child’s learning.

Although My First Book is designed to unlock and develop your child’s self-learning and creative ability, parental guidance will ensure that your child received the most benefit, particularly to their critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills.


My First Book contains lessons which are based upon empirical research in child psychology, particularly learning and cognitive development. It is key that your child’s mind is adequately stimulated during the critical first stages of cognitive development.

That is why My First Book’s central themes focus on developing your child’s curiosity, concentration and independent thinking all in a fun and structured format. My First Book can let your child lay the best foundation for their future growth and development.


  1. Each lesson is designed by qualified and experienced teachers. Each lesson is devoted to your child’s learning of a single skill.
  2. The dinosaur on the cover page is left uncolored so to promote your child’s creativity by coloring it in.
  3. After your child completes all of the lessons, the book can be assembled into a backpack, allowing your child to bring it with them wherever they go.
  4. The backpack is waterproof.
  5. All materials are non-toxic and are safe to use by children.