Toddler Learning Sensory Story Book- My Storybook- Bear

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INTERACTIVE ACTIVITY 3D BOOK These soft books are conducive to baby brain enlightenment, exercise hand-eye coordination, promote and cognitive development. The removable cute baby rabbit will be a good soft toy to attract baby's attention. Under the guidance of Baby rabbit, baby can learn the common sense about Brush teeth, wear clothes, take a bath etc. The clolurful colours make your baby's attention more focused and will generate curiosity about new things.

GET FUN WITH YOUR KIDS You can read this children's cloth book with your baby, and let your baby get closer to you and spend a warm moment together. Children's cloth book is also a kind of early education toy, which can stimulate language ability, reading ability, sensory skills, communication skills, and rich imagination to let your child win at the starting line.

EXCELLENT GIFTS FOR BABY BOYS AND GIRLS This is the best gift for the child. When he reads, he will have a strong interest in new things. Once the child likes to read, this habit will accompany him. Throughout our life, we hope that all children will enjoy the enjoyment of books. If it's an infant Christmas gift, baby birthday gift, 3-month-old girl gifts & Up, boy, newborn educational Books.

DURABLE, SAFE & MACHINE WASHABLE Handmade from Soft Polyester, it is absolutely non-toxic, safe for the baby, strong stitching and very durable. The book has a handle on the side for easy installation on a stroller or baby fence. Don't worry about baby biting. Easy to clean, guaranteed in terms of quality. Gives baby endless hours of fun!